Parking Lot Maintenance for Property Managers

Parking Lot Maintenance for Property Managers

While first impressions are important when it comes to your commercial parking lot, providing safety for pedestrians and motorists are just as crucial. Neglecting your asphalt parking lot could cause potential liabilities. Leaving unrepaired cracks and potholes can cause damage to vehicles and potential tripping hazards for pedestrians. Faded parking spaces and lack of signage can potentially cause vehicular accidents.


Once an asphalt lot is installed, it is recommended that the pavement should be sealcoated every three to five years and crack-filled annually. Pavement maintenance is important because it is cost effective and less expensive than replacing an entire parking lot due to neglect.


Asphalt integrity is constantly being impacted by the environment in which it is placed. UV rays, rock salt, and heavily trafficked areas are all culprits in damaging the asphalt pavement. Oxidation and freeze-thaw cycles over time cause the asphalt composition to breakdown. Minute cracks are formed once the surface is dry, loosening the aggregate and allowing water to seep beneath the surface. Vehicular oil leaks often accelerate the degradation.

Without performing routine sealcoating and crack filling maintenance, asphalt pavement surfaces become gray, dry, and eventually filled with potholes and cracks. Thus, the importance of having a parking lot maintenance plan in place is critical to protect your investment and to avoid potential liabilities.


Though asphalt degradation is unavoidable, it can be mitigated with a pavement maintenance plan.

The best way to keep on top of your parking lot is to inspect the lot every few months to assess the condition by simply walking your parking lot. Look for cracks, potholes, gray surfaces, faded stripes and puddled water.

If something doesn’t look right, contact American Asphalt Company. Our estimators will walk the parking lot and determine what services should be performed to your asphalt pavement and follow up with a complimentary parking lot evaluation geared towards your needs and budget.

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