American Asphalt Company Upgrades Salem Medical Center Parking Lot

When Inspira looked to improve its newly acquired hospital in Salem, New Jersey, the 30+ year old parking lot was the logical place to start. However, as with any 24/7 medical facility, the project came with its challenges.

The facility is home to some 350+ employees, one of only two emergency rooms in Salem County, a Regional Wound Center, and helipad providing life flight support to the region. All of these critical points required some level of repair from surface replacement to full blown pavement reconstruction. Keeping these areas safe, and operational, was paramount to the project’s success.

Equipment may have hit the ground in late April, but the project’s success started long before that. American Asphalt Company, in conjunction with Salem Medical Center employees and representatives from Inspira, put together a plan to not only keep these arteries open, but maintain a safe work zone for the general public and the facility’s employees. Color coded phasing maps, traffic control personnel, and advanced warning signage were all a part of the plan to ensure this project was executed as efficiently and safely as possible.

Over seven phases during two weeks’ time, American Asphalt replaced every inch of asphalt for Salem Medical Center. Five thousand tons of millings were exported and recycled, and five thousand tons of new HMA were brought in from American’s West Collingswood Heights asphalt plant. The Salem facility remained 100% operational throughout the duration of the project.

Time and time again, Inspira has trusted American Asphalt Company to be its partner with its most critical of projects. From off hours milling and paving at its seven day-a-week urgent cares, full scale site expansions with critical deadlines, to entire hospital renovations, American Asphalt has continued to deliver quality paving services in a safe, efficient manner.