What You Need to Know Before Paving Your Parking Lot

notify clients, tenants and customers before paving project starts

Most of the details that pertain to any asphalt paving project are handled by the asphalt contractor but there are a few activities that should take place to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

It’s important to contact your ground’s maintenance servicer to request that no lawn care like cutting grass, weed-wacking and shrub trimming is not being performed on the days that the asphalt contractor will be paving your lot. Loose clippings and debris are harmful to the fresh wet sealer.

If you have dumpsters located on the asphalt pavement of the premise, it is best to contact your trash removal servicer and ask them to relocate the dumpsters off the asphalt surface and reschedule removal days if needed.

Another servicer to contact but isn’t always needed, is a towing service. They can tow away any abandoned cars to ensure that there aren’t any project delays. In addition to towing, if your property is located on a route for school or commuter buses, it’s important
to advise the necessary parties of the asphalt project, so that they can plan and limit disruption to the

It’s imperative to notify the tenants, residents, employees and clients of the impending project and the scope in ample time. It should be noted that they should also be told dates for which the asphalt job will start and to make accommodations accordingly. Another way to reinforce this is by placing notices in common areas. Providing a week prior notice and then a follow up reminder within 24 hours of the start
of the project, are great ways to ensure everyone is aware.

Because asphalt paving depends on the weather, it should be clearly communicated to your clients, tenants, residents, and/or employees so that they can easily adapt to any inevitable changes. Effectively communicating to all parties throughout this process will make a significant difference and ensure that there are no delays with your asphalt paving project.

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