What You Need to Know About Asphalt Maintenance

What You Need to Know About Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance should be a high priority when trying to draw customers in. Curb appeal is the sense of attractiveness of the exterior of a property when viewed from the street. Your curb appeal and brand perception start in the parking lot. While your company may have a wonderful reputation, if your parking lot looks unnerving, it can deter consumers from entering your business. In addition to making a poor first impression, a badly maintained parking lot may cause safety hazards for both pedestrians and motorists alike.


What goes into preventative pavement maintenance?

Proactively consult and work with a trusted asphalt maintenance company to develop a plan. Perform routine assessments to prepare for the changing seasons. Knowing what to look for such as cracks, potholes, gray pavement, and faded striping will aid in better communication to your parking lot maintenance provider on what your needs are. The most effective way to begin your preventative maintenance is by having a visual inspection with your parking lot maintenance provider. They can assess the surrounding asphalt and help identify and prioritize repairs based on your budget. In addition, having a comprehensive budget in place will ensure that the maintenance is timed properly and if emergency repairs occur there is adequate funding available as well.


Is timing really that important with regard to parking lot maintenance?

Timing is everything when it comes to preventative maintenance. Many services including crack sealing, striping, and sealcoating are weather permitting services and have requirements for them to be performed so that they properly adhere to the asphalt pavement. When calling your asphalt provider for parking lot maintenance services, it is important to remember that calling ahead and signing contracts actively, will create prompt response in scheduling and performing the preventative maintenance project. During the warmer months, schedules can be tight for crews its best to take that into consideration when seeking parking lot maintenance.


What is the most common misconception with asphalt maintenance?

The most common misconception is that sealcoating will restore a parking lot’s life; however, sealcoating is not the cure-all treatment for the asphalt surface. If large cracks or potholes exist, sealcoating over potholes and cracks will not restore the asphalt. Cracks need to be filled with crack seal and potholes need repair. Sometimes, parking lots are beyond the point of saving with crack seal, patching and sealcoating. If the asphalt pavement is failing due to poor design, neglect, structural flaws or sub-base issues, preventative maintenance will not solve the problem long-term. In that situation, it would be best to completely repave the parking lot.

Parking lot maintenance can extend the life of your lot, saving you money and preventing potential liabilities. If your parking lot has visible signs of deterioration, cracks, faded striping, gray coloring or potholes, it is time to call the experts at American Asphalt Company. American Asphalt is the leading asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance provider in New Jersey. Our estimators will walk the parking lot and determine what services should be performed to your asphalt pavement and follow up with a complimentary parking lot evaluation geared towards your needs and budget.


American Asphalt Company is the leading asphalt contractor in the New Jersey area. With three asphalt plants in South Jersey, two parking lot maintenance locations and one paving headquarters, American Asphalt Company is the one stop shop for all your asphalt needs. Contact us today for a complimentary parking lot assessment (856) 456-2899.