EZ Street Cold Patch

EZ Street® Opens Roads Faster

What if you could open the road faster and save money? Do you really even need to close a road? Take the EZ Street® Asphalt option to minimize closures and open roads faster! EZ Street® Asphalt has a 25-year track record of showing potholes who’s boss. That’s why it’s in use around the world, from the Yukon to the Outback.

EZ Street® Asphalt also does things that you thought were impossible:

  • Used strategically, it can eliminate road closures.
  • It’s instantly ready for traffic.
  • It’s workable in any weather.
  • It’s permanent.
  • It always saves money.
  • It even works in water.

And…it’s guaranteed permanent.

EZ Street® Asphalt works as easily as cold patch, but it performs like hot mix. It’s available in loose bulk, 50 pound bags, or in bulk sacks. One crew member with a truck and a shovel can throw and go, making a potholed road safe without ever closing it. And as soon as EZ Street® is compacted, it’s ready for traffic. Vehicles driving over the repair provide further compaction, making the repair even better. Unlike cold mix, nobody ever has to visit those patches again as EZ Street® repairs are guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement.

Follow these installation procedures to achieve optimum results with your EZ Street® Asphalt Installation procedure to achieve optimum results:

  1. Clean foreign debris from the area to be patched utilizing a broom or compressed air.
  2. Fill the pothole or deteriorated asphalt area with EZ Street® material.
  3. Compact thoroughly to achieve a firm foundation with two inch (2″) lifts. The preferred mode of base compaction would be a vibratory plate compactor plate or steel wheel roller for larger surfaces; for small potholes, a hand tamp is acceptable.
  4. The Final EZ Street® lift should be placed approximately ¾-1″ higher than the desired finished surface level prior to compaction allowing for optimal compaction and secondary compaction as a result of traffic flow.

Your inside Connection

Meet Adam Longo. Together with Earle Co., he’s bringing EZ Street all-temperature asphalt to your community. Evidence shows that using EZ Street® Asphalt in place of the traditional cold patch/hot mix model can save 50 percent or more. Give Adam a call to see for yourself. He’ll set up a demo, or send over a sample bag.

To learn more about the application process or to place an order, contact Adam Longo at (732) 308-1113 x 129

Adam Longo, EZ Street Sales Representative