American Asphalt Expands Parking Lot Maintenance in North Jersey

South Jersey Property Managers

American Asphalt Company, one of New Jerseys oldest asphalt manufacturer and paving contractors has recently announced their acquisition of asphalt maintenance assets from Dan Swayze and Son. American Asphalt Companys new location is 2504 Plainfield Ave, Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The additional location will allow them to competitively meet the asphalt maintenance needs of many new and current customers, no matter where the services are desired in New Jersey.

American Asphalt Company has been in the asphalt business since 1905, and has earned the reputation as a trusted partner through their core values of doing things R.I.G.H.T. (Respect, Integrity, God, Honesty, Trust), in asphalt manufacturing, paving and parking lot maintenance. American Asphalt Companys mission is to help others within the community.

President Robert Brown states, Our company is the only employee owned company in the asphalt paving business in New Jersey. This makes all of our employees responsible for safety, quality, and a great customer experience; as they are rewarded by long-term growth and stability of the company.

By expanding their reach in North Jersey, American Asphalt Company, has the ability to help others by employing more crews; and serving the community with safer parking lots. While they will be providing parking lot maintenance services, such as, seal coating and crack sealing and patch repairs; American Asphalt Company will work with trusted industry paving partners to provide asphalt paving services in the Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex, Somerset and surrounding counties.