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Parking lots are often made of asphalt, and just like the roads we drive on, they will need maintenance from time to time to fill cracks and patch potholes that appear from weather related events and other stresses.

Asphalt patching is a quick and effective solution to your problem that will prevent further erosion of the surface without costing a lot of money. Areas that go unsolved allow potential water intrusion through cracks and holes, into the underlying pavement and will undermine the asphalt leading to severe cracking especially during the freeze thaw cycles. Temperature fluctuations cause contraction and expansion of ice and water which are both bad for asphalt. Fixing these issues quickly will keep the erosion from spreading and will also prevent many safety issues from occurring. If you are a business owner, potential liability issues will be drastically reduced.

Whether the problem you are facing are small cracks, small holes, or large potholes, American Asphalt Company can repair the area and have it look as good as new. We are more than happy to come out and assess the damages and discuss what is the best and most economical solution for you. Our goal is to always catch your problem early enough to avoid reconstruction, but it is possible that reconstruction of the surface will actually save money in the long run.