EZ Street Cold Patch

American Asphalt Company is a proud partner of the EZ Street Company, manufacturing high performance cold asphalt. We are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of EZ Street in the state of New Jersey.

EZ Street High Performance Cold Asphalt is unlike any other cold patch in that it is a polymer-modified asphalt.  Polymer-modified means that this product has a natural or synthetic chemical reaction that helps the asphalt adhere to surfaces. EZ Street and American Asphalt Company take pride in this product as it is also made with BioBlends. BioBlends is a green fuel substitute in lieu of fossil fuels. We are helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, one pothole at a time!

EZ Street is also NJDOT approved just like our hot mix asphalt products. EZ Street is available on many county contracts in New Jersey. Our customer base is primarily comprised of municipalities and utility line contractors and utility suppliers.  EZ Street is also used in the private sector by engineering firms, property managers, and landscape contractors.

This is an easy to use, cost effective and guaranteed permanent solution to a variety of applications; such as, filling potholes, utility cuts, joint and outer edge repairs, overlays and coring.

EZ Street will work in any type of climate. The cold asphalt is a perfect option for the winter season when hot mix is no longer available. Even rainy days are no match for EZ Street, as the cold asphalt displaces the water that is sitting in a pothole. With a commodity like this, you can work at your own pace without having to worry that it will not be pliable after a certain amount of time or in the winter season. Though EZ Street can be utilized in winter, it is purchased all year round as the product is so EZ to apply!

To ensure that you are applying the cold asphalt correctly, always clean out loose debris first, lay the EZ Street two inches at a time and tamp the product, repeat the two inch layout and tamping technique until the hole is properly filled. EZ Street hardens with compaction, as well as exposure to the natural elements like sunlight.

EZ Street is available both by the ton and in pallets of 50 lb bags. EZ Street is made fresh at our Burlington Plant located on River Road in Burlington (Burlington County). American Asphalt also added a bagging operation at the Burlington Plant. Having the ability to manufacture EZ Street at our local plant helps us remain accountable for the quality of the product. Having an excellent quality control team on staff that tests the EZ Street cold asphalt often helps eliminate product issues.

Though EZ Street is made at our Burlington Facility, it can be also be purchased at our Collingswood Plant, located on Main Street in West Collingswood Heights (Camden County). This product can be purchased by the bag or ton at either manufacturing site. American Asphalt takes it a step further by offering delivery of EZ Street.  

 Our goal is to make the purchasing and handling process as smooth as the EZ Street product itself. It is important to know that this product and those that help create this amazing product do exactly what is says, following our core values of R.I.G.H.T. (Respect, Integrity, God, Honesty and Trust) which is why American Asphalt initially collaborated with EZ Street Company.

For more information or to place your EZ Street order, contact Kristin “Pothole Princess” Massi at (856) 372-0897.

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