American Asphalt Company has been servicing the Delaware Valley area for nearly a century. Manufacturing asphalt, paving and parking lot maintenance are the services that we provide to improve our communities. Our mission is to be trusted, as God has entrusted us, to do the R.I.G.H.T. thing by creating and maintaining our roads, parking lots and long lasting relationships within our company, customers and community. Our core values are easy to remember using the acronym R.I.G.H.T. representing; Respect, Integrity, God, Honesty and Trust. These core values are followed by each employee and have truly helped shape the entire company’s culture.

American Asphalt Company implemented The Caring Committee, which aids the communities around us and also our employees. The Caring Committee has helped numerous families within the company, and are constantly donating and volunteering at various charities.In 2018, American Asphalt made such an impact with Ronald McDonald House of Camden, New Jersey. We were the top sponsor for their Ronald McDonald 5k Annual Run with an attendance of fifty of our employees to run and donate at this event. For Easter, we partnered with Ronald McDonald House decorating the house for the children and their families. In addition, American Asphalt’s employees donated food and volunteered in cooking dinner for the children and their families throughout the year.

In August of 2018, Volunteers of America asked if we could help donate to their Apartment Starter Kits. These kits included; bed sheets, bath towels, wash clothes, silverware, cookware utensils, cleaning supplies and paper products. Our entire company, donated in abundance to Volunteers of America and we were able to help multiple families with their new kits.The South Jersey Food Bank hosted Havana Nights on the Delaware River in which various employees and their spouses attended the fun Chinese auction event and won multiple items based on their bids. Our Chaplain, Jay Thatcher and his wife, bid on excellent seats for the 76ers basketball team and won! Gabrielle Leonetti, our Marketing Representative, won the bid for a local brewery and signed apparel from Philadelphia Eagles, Corey Clement.

Saint Prison Ministry is a local ministry that helps speak the word of God to inmates, this charity is another charity that American Asphalt donates to each year. The Sam T Foundation, Samaritan Hospice, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Young Life and CRU at Rowan and West Chester Universities are other charities in which Bob Brown, CEO of American Asphalt, is supportive of year after year.

Not only has American Asphalt helped the community in 2018, but was also able to help multiple employees in the time of need. This past July, one of our team members had been dealt with an unfortunate circumstance in their family and gained custody of their nephews whom had nothing but the clothes on their back. The Caring Committee, helped this employee and their nephews by providing a $500 check, along with food, donations for school supplies and clothing. At Christmas time, we adopted two families within the company, donating items off the children’s Christmas lists and providing gift cards for groceries.

As we reminisce the 2018 year, we look forward to spreading hope, love and peace in 2019. Thus far this year, we have again, became a top sponsor for Ronald McDonald 5k Run with sixty eight employees and their families in attendance. We’ve partnered with The Unforgotten Haven and MD Anderson to create chemo bags for over 50 patients during their chemotherapy. Each bag consisted of Chapstick, snacks, mints, and words of encouragement.

We will continue to help our communities like Ronald McDonald House of Camden, South Jersey Food Bank, Volunteers of America, and Capstone Legacy to prosper. We are constantly seeking to help each other and the families within our local community. That is our true mission, not just by maintaining the roads, but by providing aid to those in need.

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