American Asphalt – A South Jersey Hot Mix Asphalt Manufacturer!

Powerd By Twelve, 200 Ton Asphalt Manufacturing Silos


American Asphalt Company operates three state of the art hot mix asphalt plants located in South Jersey.

Our Collingswood New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant

Our Collingswood Plant is a batch plant located on Main Street in West Collingswood Heights (Camden County), just 15 minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Asphalt batch plants can create multiple different types of hot mix asphalt products for immediate and various needs, providing the highest level of flexibility in production. At our Collingswood asphalt plant location, we have three 200-ton silos that are can be reserved for larger projects. Providing silos for customers help eliminate wait times, creating a better customer experience for both you and your clients.

Asphalt Manufacturer in Burlington, NJ

Our Burlington Plant has both an asphalt batch plant and an asphalt drum plant located on River Road in Burlington (Burlington County). The Burlington facility is the larger facility of the two asphalt manufacturing sites. By providing both an asphalt batch plant and an asphalt drum plant, we are able to accommodate immediate needs and larger asphalt paving projects. Asphalt drum plants differ from asphalt batch plants as they can create large quantities of one type of mix without interruption. This helps when a project calls for significant tonnage of a specific type of asphalt product. American Asphalt’s Burlington Plant houses nine 200-ton silos; these can also be reserved to help you with any project and reduce wait times.

American Asphalt is a New Jersey hot mix asphalt plant known for the highest quality material and customer service.

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Common Questions About Asphalt Manufacturing Plants in New Jersey

These are some of the common questions you might be asking about asphalt manufacturers for your New Jersey paving project.  If you give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation, we’ll answer all these questions so you can make an informed decision about your paving or asphalt project.  Feel free to reach out and ask our asphalt experts about any of your questions or concerns.

What is the cost per ton of hot mix asphalt?

Is road and street asphalt recyclable?

How do I select the best asphalt material provider?

Are there different grades of hot mix or asphalt?

How long does hot mix asphalt last in commercial paving applications?

Can you provide a truck load of hot mix asphalt on short notice?

How much does it cost to have hot mix asphalt delivered to a job site?

Who sells EZ-Street Cold Asphalt repair patch material in New Jersey?

Will EZ-Street Cold Asphalt work for repairing parking lot potholes?

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Our New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Headquarters

We offer high quality hot mix and cold mix asphalt products from our Corporate Heaquarters in W. Collingswood, New Jersey.

Contact Our New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Office:

100 Main Street

West Collingswood Heights, NJ 08059

Phone: (856) 456-2899

Our Northern New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance Office

Our Northern New Jersey location only offers Parking Lot Maintenance and Service.  The following Parking lot Maintenance services are offered from this location:

Sealcoating, Crack Sealing, Wheel Stops/Bollards, Inlet Repairs, ADA Compliance, Traffic Signs

Contact Our Northern
New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance Office:

2504 Plainfield Ave
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone: (908) 373-2000 

Our Hot Mix Asphalt Manufacturing Plant in Burlington, New Jersey

At our larges Asphalt Manufacturing plant located in South Jersey, we produce the highest quality asphalt for all types of commercial paving jobs such as: large commercial parking lots, streets, municipal paving and highways.  

Contact Our Burlington, New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant:

1701 River Road
Burlington, NJ 08016
Phone: (609) 747-1247

Testimonial of a Asphalt Manufacturing Customer

This is a great example of what our clients say about the quality of our asphalt hot mix and cold patch.


“American Asphalt and Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish have had a successful partnership mostly because of the professional attitude your staff takes in their work and their commitment to do the best job possible. Your men on the street perform their jobs efficiently and work together as a team”

– Don Bowker, St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

American Asphalt – A Manufacturer of High-Quality Hot Mix Asphalt and Cold Patch Asphalt Repair Products

High-Performance, Polymer Strengthened Cold Patch Asphalt

The Burlington Plant also makes our High-Performance Cold Asphalt called EZ Street. EZ Street High-Performance Cold Asphalt is unlike any other cold patch in that it is a polymer-modified asphalt. Polymer-modified means that this product has a natural or synthetic chemical reaction that helps the asphalt adhere to surfaces. This cold patch can work in all weather and water. It is great to fill potholes, utility line cuts, overlays, coring roadways, and much more!

New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant Tours

American Asphalt Company enjoys teaching our customers the science behind hot mix asphalt and how it is made. Knowledge is power! The way we provide this knowledge to our customers is by providing asphalt plant tours. American Asphalt will do a plant tour at either of our manufacturing locations, whichever is more convenient for you.

Selling a Variety of Quality Asphalt Products – Hot Mix and Cold Mix

American Asphalt Company offers a variety of asphalt products and takes pride in the mix that we create. At both of our asphalt plant locations, we have a quality control team on staff that tests the hot mix asphalt regularly and are continuously looking for ways to create a better product for our roads. Our hot mix asphalt mix designs are NJDOT approved. Being DOT (Department of Transportation) approved means that we have passed the State of New Jersey’s strict regulations and guidelines through testing of the products that we manufacture. We are presently researching ways to create an asphalt material that we can utilize more RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) than the normal percentages currently found in asphalt base and surface courses.

A Hot Mix Asphalt Provider That Recycles old Parking Lots and Streets

Asphalt material is 100% recyclable. When the material is milled out, we can reuse the asphalt pavement materials to create new asphalt product. When maintained properly, asphalt pavement can last up to twenty-five years before needing to be replaced. Many roads, highways, and parking lots are made up of hot mix asphalt material. This product is pliable, creating smooth surfaces for our streets and is ideal as it is cost-effective with maintenance and repairs over time.

Millings are also known as RAP, reclaimed asphalt pavement. Millings are generated by the removal of the existing asphalt pavement for resurfacing or reconstructing roadways, parking lots or driveways. RAP can then be used in the manufacturing of new hot mix asphalt.

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What Makes American Asphalt the Number One Hot Mix Asphalt Supplier?

Asphalt Truck Rentals

Another way American Asphalt Company sets the standards in customer service is by providing truck rentals for those that request it ahead of time. We understand that the show must go on regardless of the circumstances, which is why we offer trucking for those in need of additional fleet.

Supplying Asphalt and Cold Mix Products to Northern Delaware and Surrounding Counties of Philadelphia

Our next goal is to begin expanding our services to Northern Delaware. We can generally travel approximately one hour in any direction from our plants and still provide competitive pricing for your paving project.


Large Volume of Asphalt Production Availalbe

With a total of 12 silos between both asphalt plant locations, modernized technology, experienced and certified quality control, the capability for nights, weekends and trucks, all coordinated by our customer service oriented sales team, American Asphalt Company strives to perform the highest standards for manufacturing in the industry.


Convenient Hours for Pick Up

With advance notice, both our Burlington and Collingswood plants offer Saturday hours. The Burlington asphalt plant can also provide night time hours to accommodate your needs.