We are so proud to announce yet again another one of our valued employees, Kristin Massi, American Asphalt’s very own EZ Street Representative was given the spotlight in the Woman of Asphalt magazine. Kristin has come a long way in her sales role here at American Asphalt. In 2018, she not only met her goals, but exceeded all expectations; earning herself the top salesPERSON at American Asphalt.  American Asphalt is honored to have Kristin as an essential part of our team. We are humbled to have another one of our employees receive such prestigious recognition. We are so pleased that our culture and core values truly resonate within each employee. It is rewarding to see that the culture we’ve created for women in the asphalt industry has come to fruition. We are defying the standards and will continue to persevere. It is women like Dawn Turner and Kristin Massi, that will help make the difference and set the bar for other women in this industry.

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