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Properly preparing for crack seal can help extend the life of crack sealing efforts and the asphalt pavement surface.

There are many types of cracks that can form on the asphalt surface. The common cause for crack formation is moisture. When moisture, such as, rain or snow, seep beneath the asphalt pavement. Trapped water will expand and contract during freeze thaw cycles. If not properly sealed, the cracks will turn into potholes which in turn can cause potential liabilities. The domino effect of neglecting your parking lot.

Crack sealing is a popular service in preventative parking lot maintenance; however, if the cracks are not properly prepped before sealing, then the repair will become ineffective and will not be able to protect the asphalt pavement over the long term.

Typical crack sealing should be done before the winter season. This will help ensure that the water does not seep beneath the asphalt surface during the freeze-thaw cycles. Spring and fall the ideal times to crack seal because the temperatures are moderate.

Below are two tips to properly prepare your parking lot for crack sealing and provide optimal adhesion for the crack seal repair materials.

Killing Vegetation

When asphalt pavement has been neglected, vegetation will take roots in the cracks. It is essential to remove all plants from the root before completing any repairs.

Removing Dirt and Debris

Once the foliage has been removed from the cracks, it needs to clear of any debris or dirt. Cracks the contain any type of vegetation, loose aggregate, sand, dirt, or debris will fail prematurely because the sealant will not stick to the walls of the cracks.

A wire brush is used in removing thick clay, or excessively dirty areas that contain oil or other contaminants. Thereafter, a high-pressure cleaning takes place and provides dry compressed air blown into the crack.

Once the above two steps have been completed, the crack seal will be applied to the asphalt pavement cracks.

It is best to contact a parking lot maintenance or asphalt contractor to assess your parking lot for asphalt degradation, cracks, or potholes. Performing these operations should be completed by a professional.

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