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We’ve all experienced this so called, “winter” season. One day it’s snowing, the next it’s raining and a week later, we are all dressed for warmer days. This trend has a negative impact on your asphalt parking lot. The freeze-thaw cycles that we experience in New Jersey throughout the winter months, can damage your lot and create safety hazards.

The checklist below will help prepare your parking lot for summer days:

  1. Periodically walk the entire parking lot. Take notes of any cracks that widened over the winter season. Cracks that measure up to an inch wide, should be crack sealed.
  2. Make sure that your parking lot is clean and clear from any debris.
  3. Pay attention to proper drainage. Identify any areas that have standing water.
  4. Note any inlets that look like they’re sinking or deteriorated.
  5. If the lines look faded, it’s time to get restriped.
  6. If your parking lot does not have that same rich black color, or it has been over 3 years since your last seal coat application, it’s time to sealcoat again.
  7. Try to determine if your parking lot needs basic maintenance, or if the repairs are more structural.
  8. Know your budget.
  9. Contact a trustworthy and reputable paving contractor with any problems that you noticed when strolling through your parking lot.

When you review this list, take action today. Don’t ignore the damages you’ve seen when inspecting your lot. Neglecting damage and deterioration will not only cost you money in the long run but can cause potential liabilities.

If you’re stuck on Checklist Item 9, contact us today and we would be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary parking lot assessment to help you get your parking lot ready for its summer season.