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Whether you have recently installed your asphalt investment or installed a decade ago, seal coating is a topical treatment that not only protects your parking lot investment but beautifies the area as well. By adding a layer of asphalt sealer you not only stop water from penetrating the surface but, you create a darker surface making your parking lot looking brand new. Seal coating your parking lot helps also helps prevent oxidation from the sun and erosion from the UV Rays. When the asphalt is black, it allows more solar energy to absorb into the pavement allowing it to be more flexible and less prone to cracking.

The first application of sealcoat should take place anywhere from 90 days to a year from which new asphalt pavement was laid. Thereafter, sealcoat should be applied every two to three years. Applying seal coat in these time frames will help not only keep costs down over the years but can help in preventing potential liabilities. Sealcoating is an extremely integral application and a huge component in parking lot maintenance.

There are two types of ways that sealcoat can be applied: squeegee and spray. Both are typically applied utilizing machinery. Spraying the sealcoat is the most common, but squeegee is just as effective and also applies a thicker coat.

It is important to know what type of sealcoat material is being utilized on your parking lot. Why? Unfortunately, some contractors purchase sealcoat material that can be finagled with, meaning, that they can manipulate the formula by adding more water or sand. They do this to stretch the amount of the formula; however, doing this destroys the formula and ultimately doesn’t help your parking lot against damage from the elements.

American Asphalt Company utilizes an ultra-blend that comes directly from the manufacturer Seal Master. Their formula is already pre-mixed so that no other additives can be inserted into the sealcoat mixture and is immediately ready for use.

If you think it is time to restore that beautiful rich dark color in your parking lot, contact American Asphalt Company. We can help you with any of your parking lot maintenance needs!