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Pothole season is here. Have you ever driven to the mall or other retail store and you find that you’re driving through an obstacle course? Dodging and weaving through the parking lot? Potholes are not only aggravating to drive through, but they also cause liabilities.

Potholes are caused when water has seeped through the cracks and remain beneath the surface of asphalt pavement. Throughout the winter season, the trapped water expands and contracts during freeze-thaw cycles. In turn, these existing cracks widen resulting in potholes.

Not only are potholes a huge eye-sore but they can cause damage to vehicles, pedestrians, and motorists alike. The best way to avoid potholes from forming is to inspect your parking lot for any cracks, or deterioration in the asphalt pavement. By assessing your parking lot and contacting a trusted parking lot maintenance contractor to help evaluate any damages you can avoid liabilities and start a maintenance plan.

If you ignore the flaws in your parking lot, the deterioration will cost you more money over time. Got Potholes? Contact American Asphalt to evaluate your parking lot and set you up on a maintenance plan that fits your budget.