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We are sure that you have heard the old saying, “Accidents are waiting to happen.” This holds true for many construction and job sites because of all the moving parts: heavy machinery including trucks and tools, handling different types of materials, and multiple crew members on site with different job functions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 150,000 construction site injuries each year. The best way to avoid accidents is to properly train and perform the necessary measures for safety.

American Asphalt Company has several integral parts when it comes to safety, which is why we created our Safety Committee. Our Safety Committee is responsible for spreading awareness to supervisors, managers and employees about safe practices and promoting ongoing discussions with every employee regarding safe work practices. The driving force behind the Committee is with proper training and regular safety discussions, we can prevent workplace injuries.

We ensure that our crew members are following the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). When the paving season is in full swing, it is important the proper safety gear is being worn. Reflective vests, hard hats, and wearing suitable work boots are just a few pertinent items of personal protection equipment (PPE) required when paving a job site or working at the asphalt plants.

While we maintain best practices for our employees, it is equally important to provide safety for our clients’ residents, tenants, and customers. Many business owners and property managers are reluctant to close their business operations for a paving project, so we make it a point to accommodate their needs by working around peak hours, working in phases, or sometimes working weekends, so their entire parking lot isn’t closed.

If the lot is still being operated with customers, tenants, or residents we have a safety crew member direct traffic with signs or flags. For resident safety, especially with projects in retirement communities, we also have a golf cart to transport the residents to and from the necessary areas on the job site to prevent falls or injury. Our crew members are also trained in protecting pedestrians by keeping a safe distance from construction zones to prevent exposure to any possible fumes, dust, and debris by utilizing barricades, cones, and caution tape.

American Asphalt Company crew members understand that the safety is not just to protect themselves, but to protect each other and the customers and pedestrians. Continuing education, safety training and the Safety Committee are just a few tools we need to succeed and get the project completed safely.

If you are looking for a paving contractor that takes safety seriously for their employees, customers, and community contact American Asphalt Company at 856-456-2899.