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When it comes to parking lots, many business owners and property managers are not thinking about the asphalt surface until there is an issue. But there are standards that should be followed when it comes to pedestrian and vehicular safety within a parking lot. According to the National Safety Council, cracks, potholes, inadequate striping, and lack of signage can cause serious pedestrian injuries. “Slips, trips and falls are common in parking lots, and falls in general are the leading cause of death for older adults,” (, 2020, para. 9).

Asphalt pavement deteriorates over time from natural elements like the UV rays from the sun or the freeze thaw cycle during the winter season. But vehicles can also cause damage to the asphalt. Automobiles that drip oil will erode the asphalt pavement, exposing it over time to moisture and chemicals that can penetrate beneath the surface, creating alligator cracking or potholes.

By regularly maintaining your parking lot, not only are you preserving the integrity of the existing asphalt, but you are also saving yourself from the expensive costs of potential liabilities like trip and falls. When asphalt begins to deteriorate, it is essential to make routine inspections. Cracks in the asphalt pavement are a precursor to potholes. Snow, ice and even the removal of these winter elements will accelerate the degradation of the asphalt surface.

Services like crack sealing, sealcoating, line striping and signage are essential components in parking lot maintenance. Filling the cracks will prevent water from seeping below the asphalt pavement and causing further damage like potholes. Seal coating protects the asphalt surface from elements like UV Rays and automobile traffic. Clearly defined parking spaces with freshened stripes and updated signage will also help the flow of traffic and prevent parking lot chaos for both pedestrians and drivers.

It is best to schedule an assessment of your parking lot with a professional parking lot maintenance expert, like American Asphalt Company. We will go over the major and minor issues of your parking lot and devise a plan of action to fit your needs and keep you within budget. Contact American Asphalt Company today at 856-456-4899.