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Everything has a life cycle, including your asphalt parking lot. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place will extend the life of your parking lot up to 25 years.

Below is breakdown of the life cycle to your parking lot.

The First Five Years – Your asphalt pavement is fresh and durable. You may see a few small cracks develop or a little discoloration from the sun or traffic. On a larger scale, the asphalt is in excellent condition. Within the first year of new asphalt being installed, you should sealcoat and restripe, and continue this maintenance every 3-5 years.

Five to Ten Years – As your parking lot reaches a decade, minor repairs will be needed. Asphalt patch repairs are less invasive and help prolong the asphalt life. Standard maintenance like crack sealing, seal coating, line striping and patch repairs should be performed.

Ten to Twenty Five Years – Over time, you parking lot will continue to need more extensive parking lot repairs. Larger cracks will begin to form, or if the asphalt is highly trafficked, a resurfacing may be recommended.

Twenty Five Years and Up – The asphalt life cycle is coming to an end. At this stage the asphalt is old and brittle from traffic and exposure to the elements, resulting in significant damage. Reconstruction is most likely required.

Having the appropriate maintenance plan in place will extend the life of the parking lot. Preventative maintenance includes services such as sealcoating and crack sealing. These are typically performed periodically, to prevent cracks from becoming larger and requiring more extensive repairs.  Another procedure would be asphalt patching or pothole repair, as mentioned above, will not only help extend the life but avoid potential liabilities.

As an owner or manager, the best way to maximize the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot is by walking the property and evaluating the current conditions. With freeze thaw cycles, the water and moisture will leak beneath the surface and weaken the structure of the asphalt causing further damage. Always keep your parking lot clean. When your parking lot is filled with debris and spills, it will impact the structural integrity of your parking lot and cause further damage.