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Your parking lot is a big investment, and if you like to look after your investments, you need to maintain them. If you fail to maintain your parking lot, it can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars to repair, or in a worst case scenario, replace the entire lot.

There are a number of ways to maintain your parking lot, and when you take a look at them, you’ll see that they almost always stem from common sense rules.

Keep it clean

Keeping your parking lot clean is the first key point to maintaining it. Dirt and debris can obstruct your drains, which can lead to water pooling on the surface. Water pooling is one of the biggest causes of surface break down because the water seeps into the sub base, which causes the ground underneath to soften. A soft sub base becomes a weak point. Eventually those weak points result in cracks and pot holes.

Act early

The best way to save yourself from unwanted spending for repairs is to act as soon as you see signs of damage. If you notice cracks, contact a professional to come and repair it as soon as you notice it, otherwise it can quickly turn into something far more expensive.

Fill and clean

A repaired crack will keep water and weeds out of your lot, and your asphalt will remain solid and strong. Although not all cracks require sealing, getting a professional opinion is a good strategy.

Your parking lot is bound to be stained by a dripping engine, and it’s important to know that oil causes comparable problems to water: breaking down the integrity of the asphalt and weakening your lot. Using baking soda is one of the safer ways to remove oil without damage to the asphalt, or the environment.

Clear your Catch Basins and Drains

Clearing catch basins properly is a good way to maintain the life of the parking lot. Backed-up drains are unattractive, cover up potential hazards, and will wear down the pavement’s strength. Starting a routine of maintenance is the best way to counter these issues. If you have drainage issues with your catch basin, contact a professional to fix it.

Change your stripes

It might seem like a big job, but in the long run, so is replacing an overly worn out parking lot. If you see substantial wear from constant car traffic through your lot, it might pay to change the traffic direction, to give yourself a few extra years. Repaint the lot stripes to give the traffic a different direction for parking and driving through.

Seal it Regularly

Seal coating your pavement every few years slows down the natural breakdown of materials and prevents water, debris, and other elements like the UV rays from the sun from degrading the asphalt material. Ask your professionals how often you should reseal.