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With the holiday season nearly upon us, a rise in retail traffic will test your asphalt parking lot. Whether consumers are grabbing the best holiday deals, or picking up groceries for hosting their holiday parties, having a well maintained and organized parking lot will create a positive experience.

The best way to prepare your parking lot for the holiday shopping is by first walking the lot to identify any issues like potholes, cracks or faded markings. It is important to ensure that your parking lot is first and foremost safe for drivers and pedestrians.

To ensure that your parking lot is safe for holiday shoppers and to avoid potential liabilities, repair all potholes. Minor potholes and cracks can be filled by performing services like crack sealing and patch repairs. If the parking stalls in your lot are faded, consider re-striping them.

Many retailers are now providing curbside pick-up for their customers. Another way to maximize your parking lot is by providing clearly defined markings and designated curb side parking stalls to free up areas for the holiday shoppers that like to browse the stores.

If curbside pick-up isn’t suitable for your business, then now is an exceptional time to ensure your asphalt pavement is well-organized. Identify and prioritize the needs of your parking lot. Improve the flow of traffic for your all your guests, including those that require handicapped parking spaces. Ensure that crosswalks are clearly marked and that all the stalls are bright.

As your business prepares for the holiday season by hiring more staff, don’t deprive your parking lot the same attention. Performing minor changes to your asphalt pavement will get your business ready for the holiday rush and years to come.

If you haven’t yet thought about your parking lot, contact the experts at American Asphalt. We can help you prioritize the needs of your parking lot and provide a complimentary assessment.