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Getting Your End of Summer Checklist Together & Preparing for Fall

Summer and warm weather is the typical busy season for most paving and parking lot maintenance contractors in New Jersey. We are blessed that we can consistently work nearly 9 months out of the year. Before the fall and winter season sets in, make sure that your paving and parking lot maintenance needs are addressed. You shouldn’t wait until the last day to check your end of summer list. Here are some items that can help you prep for the Fall.

Preventative Maintenance like crack sealing and sealcoating your asphalt pavement should occur before the change in the weather. These services will prolong the life of your existing asphalt.

  1. Crack sealing before the freeze thaw cycles will prevent water from entering underneath the asphalt surface and causing small minor cracks to enlarge and potentially turn into potholes. Without crack sealing, the water enters the cracks and weakens the pavement base creating more damage.
  2. Sealcoating is the first line of defense in parking lot maintenance repairs. Not only does this application beautify your parking lot, but it also keeps the structure resistant to the oxidation from the sun’s UV rays and deterioration from traffic.
  3. Inlets (also known as storm drains) need proper drainage. Make sure that you clear your inlets from debris; check to see if water is properly running off.
  4. If your parking lot needs structural repairs, now is the time to act. Delaying this repair will only cause further damage and cost more money and potential liabilities down the road.

Contact American Asphalt to help check off all the boxes on your summer checklist and provide a complimentary parking lot assessment.