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Your parking lot is the first thing your customers see before they enter your business. There are multiple components to consider when trying to maximize your parking lot’s space while making a great first impression.

What makes up a successful parking lot?

As a property owner or manager, you want to be thoughtful in your parking spaces. Confirming the number of residents, tenants, and customers will help correlate to the number of parking spaces needed to fit on your parking lot. It is equally important to ensure that each parking space has enough space between them, limiting overcrowding and potential collisions.

The lay out of your parking lot designates the flow of traffic. Parking lots that have straight-in stalls allow for two-way traffic; whereas, angled stalls only allow for one-way traffic and create narrow lanes. Because angled stalls are narrow, this allows for more parking spaces. Crosswalks, pick-up/drop-off areas and loading zones also affect the vehicles and patrons flow on the property.

Prior to striping, it’s important that your parking lot has the proper accessible spaces for all customers, including those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Being ADA compliant is essential for every business. For every 20 parking spaces, there should be 1 handicapped accessible parking space.

Remember, providing your parking lot with a maintenance plan will help extend the life of your parking lot, reduce the number of liabilities and help direct and manage the flow of traffic. Periodically re-striping your parking lot including crosswalks and fire lanes, will provide a seamless experience for both drivers and pedestrians alike. Maintaining your parking lot with appropriate signage will also help your customers with the flow of traffic. Seal coating and crack sealing help protect the existing asphalt and can also protect your customers from potential vehicular damage and pedestrian injuries from potholes and cracks.

When considering whether your parking lot is effective given the above information, contact American Asphalt Company and we will gladly provide a complimentary parking lot assessment to help your parking lot be a success!