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This past winter season, we experienced a lot of snow in New Jersey which means we have been dealing with the freeze-thaw cycle more frequently. The freeze-thaw cycle is brutal on asphalt pavement surfaces and we are now seeing the effect. We cannot blame the weather alone on the decomposition of the asphalt surface, deicing materials like rock salt also compromise the integrity of the asphalt.

Unsealed asphalt or already existing asphalt will absorb the moisture and water beneath the surface. The freezing of water will cause the aggregate to expand and contract creating cracks and eventually potholes will form.

Alligator cracking indicates that the asphalt pavement can no longer tolerate vehicular traffic. It is named after the scaly reptile because of the resemblance to an alligator. You can patch a pothole, but it isn’t the best practice to repair alligator cracking.

Inlets also can be affected by the freeze-thaw cycle and the salt used during the winter. Many times clogged debris and salt can erode the integrity beneath the surface of the inlet and eventually can cause a sinkhole.

When walking your commercial property’s parking lot, it is important to look for cracks, potholes, sinkholes, alligator cracking or damaged inlets. Once the damage to the parking lot is assessed, it is important to contact your local paving contractor and parking lot maintenance provider.

Once the Spring weather is in full swing, paving and parking lot maintenance contractors will start to get busy. It is best to discuss with them early on about the assessed damage to your commercial parking lot and get on the schedule for a summer project.

It is important to keep in mind that parking lot maintenance will prevent potential liabilities. Evaluating the asphalt pavement on your parking lot frequently is the best way to handle and prevent damages.

American Asphalt Company is one of the leading commercial asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance contractors in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. With three asphalt plants at two locations, paving crews, and preventative maintenance teams, American Asphalt Company is your full-service parking lot maintenance provider for your commercial needs. Contact us today at 856-456-2899 or for questions, concerns or to receive a complimentary evaluation of your commercial parking lot.