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The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the economic growth in various aspects of business. Unfortunately, many companies have been forced to do major lay-offs, cut-backs, and even close. Restaurants and Retail have suffered drastically; however, there are some lucrative opportunities that you can take advantage of your empty parking lot.

  1. Providing additional space to expand outdoor seating areas, such as sidewalks allow restaurants to continue to increase their revenue while safely complying with the government’s protocol.
  2. Transforming your empty parking lot into a drive-in movie theater can help retailers and food vendors. It is best to check with your local township on the necessary permits that may be required.
  3. Leasing your parking lot can help earn additional revenue. Some stores and malls are leasing out their parking lots to other businesses and medical facilities seeking COVID-19 testing sites, curbside pick-up operations, or food trucks. It allows for the planning to be off your list but still enables potential earnings.
  4. Increasing drive-thru lanes and removing a few parking spots could potentially bring significant revenue. According to NPD Group, 26% of restaurants are expanding their lanes or adding pick more pick up lanes.

If you are considering increasing your drive-thru lanes or simply just maintaining your asphalt pavement, contact the experts at American Asphalt Company. We have served the Delaware Valley Area with asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance for over 100 years.