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Top 6 Parking Lot Signs – Does You Parking Lot Have Them?

Parking Lot signage is equally important to line striping and other parking lot maintenance services. Proper signage in your parking lot provides safety and order.

Below are the top 6 signs your parking lot should have:


1.Handicap Parking Signs

Handicap signs are a necessity in order to be compliant with the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Providing proper signage reserves parking spots for disabled patrons. According to the ADA, only 1 accessible parking space is required for every parking lot with 25 or less total parking spaces. Every handicap parking spot should have the Handicap Parking Sign accompanying the reserved space.


2.Fire Lane Signs

Fire lanes must be clear at all times and restricting these areas are completely necessary for the fire department to be able to provide safety to the consumers. Depending on your parking lot, there may be certain areas adjacent to the building that should be kept clear for the fire lane. Accompanying fire lane signs with the fire lane area will alert patrons that the area should be kept clear.


3.Speed Limit Signs

Many people think that these signs are only necessary for streets and roadways; however, these are vital in parking lots too! They help keep pedestrians and drivers safe. When drivers are focused on searching for a parking space, they can lose focus on the speed limit and become a potential threat to others and the property on the parking lot. Posting these signs (along with the installation of speed bumps), will remind drivers to observe their speed.


4.Parking Prohibited Signs

Similarly to Handicap and Fire Lane signs, Prohibited Parking Signs are vital in safety and compliance. These signs are great for entrances, loading zones, dumpster locations and other areas on your parking lot property where a parked vehicle can interfere with the way of your business.

5. Stop Signs

Stop Signs are vital in safety and traffic control. It can prevent unsafe driving practices in your parking lot. Drivers are less likely to speed through your parking lot if they see an upcoming stop sign. Stop Signs also remind drivers to check the traffic around them, keeping an eye out for crossing pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

6. Pedestrian Signs



Just like stop signs and speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs remind drivers to be mindful of their surroundings while traveling through your parking lot. These signs help pedestrians safely cross a crosswalk or path, by providing a designated walkway.


Parking Lot Signage is very important for compliance, safety and traffic control. Whether your parking lot is small or large, these signs will help keep your pedestrians and drivers safe. If your looking to get updated signage in your lot, contact us today!