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Line Striping is one of the many services that are a critical component in parking lot maintenance. Not only does line striping help with the flow of traffic but it also improves the appearance of the parking lot. We came up with the 4 elements that can help maximize the square footage creating a successful parking lot with line striping.

  1. Parking Spaces

As a property owner or property manager, it is imperative to maximize the number of parking spaces because that number is typically correlated to how many tenants, residents, or customers you can successfully fit on your property. It’s equally important to consider the layout and how close the parking spaces are together. Remember, it may be tempting to compress the parking spaces closely together, but this can potentially cause liabilities like a collision. When discussing the layout of the parking lot with your local asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance provider, it is important they know the state regulations and rules of the lot to tenant ratio.

  1. Designated Parking Spaces

Before striping your parking lot, it is important to make sure that the property is accessible to all customers. According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), every business must have the appropriate amount of handicapped-accessible stalls and van parking spaces. This also varies by the state’s zoning laws but it is good to discuss these designated parking areas with your local paving expert.

Depending on your business’ needs, it may be important to consider designated parking spaces for employees, visitors, company vehicles, delivery vehicles, pick-ups, or online orders. This can help with the flow of traffic and help avoid other parking lot confrontations.

  1. Traffic Flow

The layout of the parking lot is important to think about when considering the flow of traffic. Parking lots without line striping, faded striping or clear direction can create parking lot havoc and increase the risk of collision amongst pedestrians and motorists alike.

There are pros and cons to different layouts and what suits your business’ needs. Parking lots that are ‘straight in’ allow for two-way traffic, while angled stalls are easier for drivers to maneuver into but have narrow one-way lanes.

Having clear directions for loading zones, pick-up areas and crosswalks is also important for efficient flow.

  1. Periodic Maintenance

Having a parking lot maintenance plan in place will extend the life of the asphalt and reduce potential liabilities. Not only does it maintain the integrity of the asphalt surface but it shows your customers that you care about your property, in turn, caring for the safety of your customers.

Regularly restriping the parking lot will help direct and manage the flow of traffic. This will help create a seamless experience for customers and patrons before they even step foot into your business. A part of the parking lot maintenance plan is to sealcoat and crackfill, including restriping every two years. This will increase safety and also beautify your parking lot.

If your parking lot stripes are fading, contact the experts at American Asphalt Company to go over the best preventative maintenance plan to suit your business’ needs and budget. American Asphalt Company is a one-stop-shop asphalt provider. We manufacture our asphalt and perform paving and parking lot maintenance services. We strive on doing things R.I.G.H.T. with Respect, Integrity, God, Honesty, and Trust which is why we are one of the leading asphalt paving contractors in the South Jersey area. With three asphalt plants, corporate headquarters in South Jersey, and a parking lot maintenance facility in North Jersey, American Asphalt Company can service your needs no matter the location. Contact us today at 856-456-2899, for your complimentary parking lot assessment today!