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Over 100 Years of Commercial Paving Experience


American Asphalt Company handles all aspects of commercial paving. American Asphalt is a full service paving contractor with over 100 years of trusted experience, specializing in asphalt paving, manufacturing and maintenance.

Our NJ Commercial Paving Services

Our paving services include asphalt paving, milling, asphalt overlay and resurfacing, and asphalt patch repairs. We can service both small and large commercial asphalt paving projects.

American Asphalt Company has the expertise and skills to work with a multitude of clients in a cost-effective way, while providing a sense of security knowing that there will be no further liabilities, asphalt damage and deterioration.

The above photo is an actual commercial paving job performed by American Asphalt’s team of professional commercial pavers.

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Common Questions About Commercial Paving in New Jersey

These are some of the common questions you might be asking about commercial paving for your New Jersey business or municipal project.  If you give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation, we’ll answer all these questions so you can make an informed decision about your paving or asphalt project.  Feel free to reach out and ask our paving experts about any of your questions or concerns.

What is the commercial paving cost per square foot?

Is there a connection between commercial paving and recycling?

Where do I find a list of commercial paving contractors?

Are commercial asphalt paving companies required to have insurance?

What are commercial paving prices in New Jersey? 

What are the commercial paving companies near me?

Are there commercial parking lot paving standards?

How long do paving projects take to complete in South Jersey?

How to spot a poor commercial paving job?

What are common paving rates for parking lots? 

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Our New Jersey Commercial Paving Headquarters

We offer all Commercial Paving services from our Corporate Heaquarters in W. Collingswood, New Jersey.

Contact Our New Jersey Commercial Paving Office:

100 Main Street
West Collingswood Heights, NJ 08059
Phone: (856) 456-2899

Our Northern New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance Office

Our Northern New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance and Service office offers the following services:

Sealcoating, Crack Sealing, Wheel Stops/Bollards, Inlet Repairs, ADA Compliance, Traffic Signs

Contact Our Northern
New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance Office:

2504 Plainfield Ave
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone: (908) 373-2000 

Our Southern New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant

At our South Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant, we produce the highest quality asphalt for all types of commercial paving jobs such as: large commercial parking lots, streets, municipal paving and highways.  

Contact Our Burlington, New Jersey Asphalt Manufacturing Plant:

1701 River Road
Burlington, NJ 08016
Phone: (609) 747-1247

Commercial Paving Testimonial

This is a great example of what our clients say about our
commercial paving and asphalt maintenance services.


“American Asphalt and Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish have had a successful partnership mostly because of the professional attitude your staff takes in their work and their commitment to do the best job possible. Your men on the street perform their jobs efficiently and work together as a team”

– Don Bowker, St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

American Asphalt – A Trusted Provider of Commercial Paving Services Across Most of New Jersey

Commercial Grade Asphalt – The Perfect Paving Solution

Asphalt pavement materials are the number one choice for roads, parking lots, and highways. When maintained properly, asphalt pavement can last up to twenty five years. The benefit of utilizing asphalt is not only is it pliable, but when a project calls for resurfacing or complete reconstruction, the asphalt material can be remediated and reused to create new asphalt product. This asphalt removal process is called milling. The asphalt material that is recycled is known as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement). NJDOT allows for a certain percentage of RAP to be used in new asphalt materials.

Maintaining Your Paving Investment – Critical Asphalt Maintenance

When asphalt dilemmas arise, it is important that they are handled immediately. Left neglected, these issues can become costly and create potential liability. Asphalt erosion is caused by a multitude of factors. The most common is from the harsh freeze thaw cycles that we face in New Jersey; as well as, the salting of our roads, highways and parking lots during the winter season. When water penetrates beneath the asphalt pavement surface, this forms potholes and cracks. Leaving these potholes and asphalt cracks untreated are grounds for complete asphalt failure. American Asphalt Company can provide asphalt patch repairs for those unsightly potholes and help aid in proper maintenance so no further damages arise.

    Selecting a Professional Commercial Paving Company

    The difference between American Asphalt Company and other paving contractors, is that we are a one stop shop. We manufacture the asphalt and have a team of experienced quality control personnel that test the hot mix asphalt materials to ensure the highest standard. Our hot mix asphalt materials are also NJDOT approved. This means that the product we put down has been approved by the state’s Department of Transportation by undergoing a series of tests and abiding by extremely strict regulations. Having the ability to manufacture the asphalt creates a greater level of accountability, thus, avoiding pointing fingers at an asphalt supplier if the material is flawed. We are also able to have more control over scheduling so that our projects are completed on time. 

    Nearly 100 Years of Commercial Paving Experience

    American Asphalt Company has serviced commercial properties for nearly a century. Our paving customers include schools, funeral homes, shopping centers, churches, retail stores, car dealerships, industrial buildings, new home builders, property managers, home owners associations, and various other commercial properties. We also bid on public projects such as the Burlington County Roads Program.

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    What Makes American Asphalt the Number One Choice in Commercial Paving?

    3 Asphalt Manufacturing Locations

    Because we have three New Jersey asphalt manufacturing locations (two in Burlington and one in Collingswood), we are able to reach majority of South Jersey and Central Jersey. We have also begun to expand our geographic reach to the surrounding counties of Philadelphia. We are proud to be a merit shop contractor.

    Manufacturer of Hot Mix and Cold-Mix Asphalt

    American Asphalt Company has 12 massive silos to produce hot mix asphalt. We are also a proud partner of the EZ Street Company, manufacturing high performance cold asphalt. We are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of EZ Street in the state of New Jersey.


    Grounded in Faith

    Our mission is to be trusted, as God has entrusted us, creating quality materials, building and maintaining roads, parking lots and long lasting relationships with our customers and surrounding communities.  


    Sharing our Commercial Paving Knowledge

    We love to provide knowledge to our customers because knowledge is power! American Asphalt enjoys providing lunch and learns and plant tours to our customers. In order to better help you understand asphalt manufacturing, paving and maintenance, we provide these events to help educate you.


    Paving Services in Northern Delaware and Surrounding Counties of Philadelphia

    Our next goal is to begin expanding our services to Northern Delaware. We can generally travel approximately one hour in any direction from our plants and still provide competitive pricing for your paving project.