Asphalt Pavement Rating Scale


  • New Pavement
  • Remediation: No Action Required


  • Severe cracks more than 50% of surface affected
  • Remediation: Base Repairs / Overlay

Very Good

  • Small cracks, few in number
  • Open 1/4″ or less
  • Remediation: No Action Required


  • Closely spaced cracks
  • Alligatoring in 25% of total area
  • Few potholes
  • Remediation: Patching, overlay or reconstruction


  • Cracks—less than 1″
  • Remediation: Crack Fill and Seal Coat

Very Poor

  • Extensive base repairs
  • Remediation: Total reconstruction


  • Cracks 25—50% of surface
  • Remediation: Repairs where necessary


  • Extensive base repairs
  • Remediation: Total Reconstruction

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