Material Sales

Peter Sanchez
Material Sales Manager

Pete joined American Asphalt Company in November of 2010. Pete enjoys a “hands” on approach in assisting customers with their material requirements. A successful background in sales, customer relationships, operations, and project management, he brings 30 plus years of experience and knowledge to American Asphalt Company. Pete is pleased to serve where company/owner core values and characteristics are parallel with personal values and beliefs.


Kristin Massi
EZ Street Representative


Kristin came into the asphalt business with over 10 years of sales experience. She has been with American Asphalt for 2 years and truly loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. With her determination and hard work, Kristin has grown EZ Street vastly. When Kristin isn’t on the road selling EZ Street, she loves spending time with her two children and her two cats. Netflix, water parks and reading are some of activities she enjoys in life.