About Us

CEO’s Mission Statement

To be TRUSTED, as God has entrusted us,
creating quality materials, building and maintaining roads,
parking lots and lasting relationships

Core Values

Our Core Values are about doing things RIGHT
We are performance driven and treat others with Respect.
We do what we say demonstrating Integrity.
We are accountable, our actions honor God.
We always deal fairly, safely and Honestly.
We care about our customers and each other, earning Trust.

For over 100 years, American Asphalt has been the leader in the manufacturing of asphalt, commercial paving and parking lot maintenance. We are led by our commitment and values of doing what is R.I.G.H.T. by providing the best product and service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Conveniently located in South Jersey for paving, parking lot maintenance and asphalt supply. We recently acquired assets in North Jersey in order to expand our market reach in parking lot maintenance. We offer the right combination of experience, product accessibility, paving and repair services to general contractors, property managers, builders and various other commercial professional personnel.

What sets American Asphalt apart from other firms? Our team. In 2018, American Asphalt Company became an Employee Owned Company (ESOP), thus creating a sense of accountability for each other and ourselves for following our core values and doing things R.I.G.H.T. by our community, customers and one another. We set ourselves apart by being a one stop shop for our customers. We manufacture asphalt, provide commercial paving and parking lot maintenance services; staying with our customers for years to come. 

Searching For The Right Answer For Your Project

Let our experience and knowledgable staff assist you. Call us at 856-456-2899, and a member of our staff will help you with your product or service inquiries. You are welcome to email us by clicking on the-"Contact Us" button.